Sunday, March 2, 2008

Better Hope I Have A Girl!

Thanks to everyone for voting!! It was fun to see the results! Hope no one is disappointed if I end up having a boy! :) I should have an ultrasound in the middle of stay tuned!!!!

Wonderful California Weather

We have really been enjoying some gorgeous 70 degree days out here in Fresno California! Max LOVES to be outside, and I love it because it wears him out!

Hanging out in the front yard.

We had a fun Friday night at the park with everyone! Max ate everything in sight, including dirt! He was one filthy kid when we left but he was in heaven!

The other day I started feeling sick so I had to stop and eat a sandwhich and sit for 20 minutes. When I got up from the table and turned around, this is what my kitchen looked like...Max wasn't there because he'd already moved on to the family room! With the next baby, I'm really not going to encourage the whole crawling and walking thing!