Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sadie's 2nd Birthday!

Well, our baby girl turned 2 this week (2 going on 12, but hey, it's ok!).

She has slept this way since she was born. I love that she still does it! This girl loves her beauty rest.
I made my 2nd attempt at sewing her a dress. I was much happier this time with how it turned out, but I'm realizing that she is such a petite things and patterns always need to be more narrow in the shoulders for this dress falls off her a lot. Oh well!
She's a very wiggly model so it was hard to capture a good photo. oh, and I couldn't find my camera so all these photos were taken from my phone, so they are a little grainy. Sorry!
We had a little extended family birthday party for her two nights before her actual birthday because I was going out of town for a family wedding on her birthday. This was the cake I ice cream potted flower cake (oreos used to make it look like potting soil on top). Anyone that knows Sadie knows she LOVES to eat dirt (even today at nursery they took the kids on a walk and I saw Sadie come in with a mouth full of dirt). There's no stopping her...she'll hopefully grow out of it...right???? For now I'm not too concerned.

Checking out her presents. This was when she started to realize she was the star of the evening.

Trying to convince great grandma mclelland to open a gift for her early. :)

She then realized that wasn't working so later she started giving out hugs (something she does every so often, when she feels like it)...hoping to find someone that will start helping her open gifts!

Ahh, finally time for gifts! She was a happy and spoiled (in a good way) little girl! Thanks to all our family for the great gifts!

No joke, for 2 months I did occasional research to find a great doll for her-one that was soft and cuddly, easy to clean, durable and had long play time based on other parents online reviews. I'm a little crazy, I know. But I love this doll and so it was so fun to see her love it too!
Once I found the doll I had to get the matching diaper bag as well! She loves bags/purses! Preparing to be a mom on the go!

Real men (in Toy Story underwear) carry diaper bags too!

So, since Christmas I have also been in love with this wooden doll care center at Target. It was a bit more than I wanted to pay so I was so excited when I found it for sell on craigslist from a really nice family who's daughter had hardly used it. Sadie LOVES it....and so did all the kids, even the older boys! They were all playing with it! And the best thing is it was in great condition and SO cheap!

This picture is especially for Megan. She was complaining that night that I am never in any of the photos (and the few she took of me against my wishes that night I deleted) so here is my earring and arm. Enjoy!!

Sadie was a little freaked out by the fire on the candle..totally out of character for her. So Max, her eternal protector, blew it out for her.

On her birthday morning before I left for out of town, I picked up some sprinkled doughnuts for her.

Sometimes she looks like Mowgli from Jungle Book to me. I love that about her!
Pop (Aaron's grandpa) called her and sang "Happy Birthday" to her and she had a huge smile on her face the whole time!

Although this was her a few minutes earlier right after she woke up with her typical "mom, it's 8 am and you are seriously already getting on my nerves" look. I get it every morning...and I love it!
This Max helping(fighting?) her open her presents from Grandma and Grandpa Keough, and Aunt Emma. The princess wrapping paper was a huge hit!! She loved everything in the box!! I tried to get more pics, of her trying on the shoes and dresses, but I was also having to play referee between her and Max so all the pics were blury! Thank you though for everything!!

I love my little girl! I think the thing I love most about her is that she makes it clear that I am seriously bugging her most of the time. :) Is that bad? She does have a lot of sweet bones in her body and can be so loving most of the time, but when she's not in the mood, you'll know! She rolls her eyes already so far into the back of her head, you think they will be lost. Probably shouldn't be proud of that, I know, but it's hard not to laugh. We are in the full blown terrible two's, so numerous timeouts are apart of her daily ritual, but we also spend a lot of time playing dolls, doing princess dances, giving her manicures and pedicures (my absolute favorite thing to do for her!), watching Caillou and Dora, playing outside, watching her swim with no fear whatsoever of the water, or concern if someone is even there to catch her if she jumps in, playing monster trucks and doggies with her brother, and more! She talks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we love her little voice. She is a joy and a challenge to raise and I wouldn't have it any other way!! We love you Sadie Rose!!!!