Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summertime, and the livin' is easy...HA!!!

Summertime, summertime!! We've been having fun since all the kids in my extended family got out of school a few weeks ago! Swimming, parks, free movies, kids spending the night, and thankfully, not too much heat. It's coming though! Here is a quick recap.
Most of our morning start like this. A little tube time. Sadie is a big fan of TV and Movies! Our recent favorites are Toy Story and Finding Nemo.
Max and Sadie have been enjoying the new backyard courtesy of Grandpa Keough. He and Aaron put down this fake grass while they were here visiting and we love it!!

Yes, Sadie often is topless. She spits food all over herself with each meal and is so hard to get dressed.
Samuel stayed with us for 2 nights a couple weekends ago while his family was gone and boy did these little guys play non stop! Unfortunately, this is what happens after 30 minutes in a room all together. Sadie gets right in the mix too!
Thanks Dad for the Strawberry Pizza tasting!
Yes Max, that's a shishy (fish). We must point this out over and over everytime we see it.

Every Wednesday we go see a free movie at a theater nearby. Max usually lasts about an hour, or until the popcorn runs out. Luckily there is a great little play area and shops outdoors, so that's where we wait for the other kids to join us. Today Samuel and Max were both not that into the movie (hooray!) and so Max had someone to play with outside. Oh, and Sadie takes a nap at Grandma's house while we are gone (she's happy to have a good excuse to not go).

The only problem with being outdoors is Max's extreme phobia of flies. Seriously, he PANICS whenever he sees one. It's sad...and annoying, since we live in the central valley, full of flies.
After every movie on Wednesday, the whole gang comes and swims at my mom's house. Todays grand total- 15 kids!! Yikes!! Today was great. Gradually most of the kids left, and there were just 6 of us in the pool. Max and I swam for 4 hours!! It was great, despite Max and Sam each having a near death experience, and me getting one of the worst Charlie Horses I've EVER had!
Most of the time, in between naps, Sadie just sits and watches everyone in the pool from the patio.
These swim toys are hot commodities in the pool, a constant battle between Max and Sam.
She is too cute!! Sadie LOVES the water!

I love this picture of her!
The best thing about swimming all day and no naps, is that Max falls asleep around 5 or 5:30! He usually sleeps until his normal wake up time...5:45 am!! It's killing me!! He will wake up for an hour or so to eat, but is half asleep while eating and goes right back to bed, so it doesn't count as really being awake.
All he cried for tonight when he woke up was ice cream. He still couldn't be happy while he ate it even. For those of you that know Aaron really well, this is a prime example of how Max is Aaron Jr. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ma and Pa Keough and Auntie Em's Visit

Last weekend Aaron's Mom and Dad, and his sister Emma came out to visit us. We had so much fun with them!! Max and Sadie took right to them, especially Max to Emma. He LOVED to boss her around and tell her to go "nigh-night". Max called them "Ma", "Pa", and "Mm" (or something that sounded a lot like that). We spent our days shopping, swimming, eating, visited Shaver Lake one day and Yosemite another day. I only got pictures of us at Yosemite, but Emma put a lot of cute pics from each day on Facebook. We had such a great time and were so sad to see them go, and we're counting the days to our next visit!

Aaron and Max climbing a rock.
Sadie and Pa.
I love this pic of Emma and Max. They sure are buddies now.

Max just loved all the sticks in Yosemite.
Sadie might have had the back carrier to ride in, but Max had his own nice ride also. :)
Sadie and Dad. Sadie was very content to just sit in this carrier all day.
Pa, Ma Sadie, Aaron, Max and Emma at the entrance to Yosemite.
Our little family at Yosemite.

Beautiful Yosemite!
Pa, Ma and Sadie
Pa and Sadie.
Max, Aaron and Emma out exploring.