Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Toilet Catastrophe

The Evil Mastermind....don't be fooled by his adorable face!

The culprit with it's captor

The aftermath

Yes...Max put a block in the toilet and it was flushed. Aaron saved the toilet, and our pipes. There are more details....but you don't want to know! :) Thanks to Aaron for saving the day!! I know although it was not a fun job, he enjoyed this very manly task, and did a great job!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Can't Complain

You seriously can't complain about Central Valley, CA winters!! We might have a few "cold" days, and lot's of fog....but then we have beautiful crisp days perfect for playing outside! I took the kids for a much needed afternoon at the park yesterday. It was a bit windy, but oh so nice!

The new park near us has lot's of cool fake rocks and rock walls to climb on. Max loves them!
Sadie has figured out how to go down the slide. Such a big girl!

I finally cut Sadie's mullet off! :) I tried to give her a little A-line kind of turned out that way. It's not a perfect cut, but so much better than the mullet!

Loving her Uncle Tyler! She looks like "I'm so fat I can't move!"

This is how she likes to watch TV. It's not easy being short!
Going to Costco. Now why can't Target make double carts like this! Most of the time I don't even need to go Costco when I go, but it's a way to get out and strap them both in. Target's double cart is weird, and a beast to push. We do love Costco though, free samples and $1.50 hot dogs and soda! YUM!
Although Sadie is perfectly happy to just eat dirt! :)
And happy also to have Max dump dirt on her! She was laughing everytime he poured a bucket on her!

Below are some videos from the park yesterday. Nothing too special, just fun to watch them play. Just ignore my super annoying voice...and the wind. Most importantly my super annoying voice though, I hate hearing it on recordings.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beautiful Babies

My mom asked me to scan these baby photos of us kids at work today. They are so cute I had to post them all, especially for Megan who I know will love seeing them! I made the mistake of scanning them in the feeder, so they look a little distorted, but I thought I'd post them anyways while I rescan them the slower way. Enjoy!

Baby Tyler!! Still our baby! :) Still MY baby! I was almost 18 when he was born, and there was some scary moments during his birth. I prayed so hard when we were in the waiting room. After we got to see him in the nursery and stayed behind after the other kids left and cried so hard! He was born at a time when we needed him the most! He made us smile and still does!Baby McKay...I loved this little chunk! I was 15 when he was born and I still remember coming to visit him the first time in the hospital, seeing him and thinking, "He's HUGE!" And SOO cute! After Tyler was born, he would come get in bed with me a lot at nights and I loved cuddling with him! He had the best imagination too, and still does! He's growing up to be such a cool kid, and so fit (he works out every morning and night :) longer my little chunk!
Baby Matthew...the first boy and spoiled rotten...kidding..although to this day, his sisters like to call him the Golden Child! :) He deserves it though, he is great! I was 10 when he was born and BEGGED my mom to let me share a room with him. I won, and I LOVED getting him at night when he woke up and taking him to my mom. I wish I could do that now with my own kids! :) When I came home from my mission, he had changed and grown the most, and for the first couple days I was home I felt like Matthew was gone and my parents had a adopted a new kid in his place, he was so different, in a good way, just no longer a little boy like when I had left! I still love hanging out with him!
Baby Katie!! Mine and Megan's little doll...we loved to dress her up! When I think of Katie as a baby I think of watermelon's, because she loved them and had the cutest watermelon dress!! I can't even believe she's on a mission now! It's also crazy to be able to remember so much about her being a baby, and then having her help me so much with my babies...I am OLD! :) Love you Katie!! Oh, and for a mission update...she is LOVING it, she is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, serving in a branch of 20 active members. For those of you that know Katie, you know this is her dream come true!
Baby Megan....I can't even remember her not being around!! I've always adored her and felt very protective of her! When she wanted my toys at my birthday parties, I happily gave her one ( I know you love being reminded of that :) ). We did have some fights growing up, but not many..I only remember one, and so does she, when I threw hangers at her! Still feel bad about that!! I look up to her so much and glad she is still one of my best friends, and sister! Everyone looks forward to her visits, she makes us laugh and makes everything fun! She is a talker, and we love to tease her about it, but everyone misses it when she is gone! Especially ME!!!!
Baby Kristen....hands down the most beautiful baby of the bunch!! And I'm sure my mom would agree, the most easy going! Haha, just kidding! I always think Max and Sadie look most like Aaron, different versions though-Max, like a young Aaron from the photos I've seen, and Sadie like Aaron now...but looking at this I can see more of them in me. Lucky kids! :) Again, just kidding, I'm really not THIS full of myself!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

Well, I'm so out of blogging, that I can't get these pictures posted in order...but I'm not motivated to repost them in order...sorry! We had a wonderful Christmas!! It was so fun putting Christmas together for the kids and watching them open presents! They were both so excited! And we had so much fun seeing Megan and Dustin. Max was in love with Megan, or "man" as he calls her. :)
They got a little play kitchen from us, and Max loves to cook!
I love this picture! My busy little lady!
A mom on the go! Feeding her new baby in her new car from Grandma and Grandpa Keough.
Max and Dad looking at some new blocks.
Max helped Sadie go through her stocking.
Loving her new baby!
This picture is funny, but one of the few words Sadie can say is "wow", as she is here in this picture when she saw her new baby doll.
The presents set up on Christmas Eve after "Santa" had finished his work.
Christmas Eve we went to my Grandma McLelland's house, for the traditional lighting of the bags all over the neighborhood. We also opened presents from my grandma. Here are my 3 handsome brothers!
I grew up playing in, and loving, this play room at their house. It is so fun to watch my kids play in it now. Here is Sadie with my cousin Leah's daughter Lily, who is about 3 months younger than Sadie. Two cuties!

Me and my girl!
Sadie got this adorable dress from Grandma and Grandpa Keough and the boots are a gift from Grandpa Powell. Is it sad that I'm jealous of Sadie's wardrobe??!!
Our little family on Christmas Eve. Max loves his new Steeler's hat from Aunt Emma, and Aaron is sporting a hat that Megan and Dustin brought him from Chile.
Before we went to my Grandma McLelland's, we skyped with Ma and Pa Keough, and Aunt Emma so they could see the kids open the gifts they sent. A big gift from them was these Cozy Coupe Cars, which they were and are so excited about!

Max got a leaf blower, just like his Daddy. My little man!
He loves the goggles!
Opening presents. :)
Max loves to wear an apron. He was helping me with a little holiday baking!
Outside our church building, wearing their Christmas outfits from Grandma McLelland. So cute!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Katie's Farewell and MTC arrival!

It's bit late...but Katie, now known as Sister McLelland, reported to the MTC on December 9th! She was there for 3 weeks, and then left for Knoxville, Tennesse on December 29th. I was able to fly back with her to Utah to take her to the MTC, or, under the new MTC rules, to drop her off at the curb of the MTC. :) It was fun though!! We stayed with Jennifer and Jeffrey and had a great time shopping, and I LOVED eating all of Jennifer's pumpkin muffins and cookies! She was a great hostess and it was so fun to see her cute apartment and hang out for a couple days! Thanks again Jennifer and Jeffrey for letting us stay!

Leaving Jenn's apartment on our way to the MTC.

The MTC. Did I mention it was FREEZING the two days I was there? One day it was -6 with the wind chill according to the weather channel. It was SOOOOOO cold!!
Katie at the curb .
Jenn and Katie. You're not really supposed to take pictures, to keep it quick, but I had to get some!

Sister McLelland walking into the MTC. I didn't even have time to get emotional, it was all so quick! She is so happy and has loved every minute so far!!