Monday, November 30, 2009

Traditional Holiday Jib Jab Video

Unfortunately this is what I do in the evenings to procrastinate doing anything important and productive. And all you New Mooners out there...don't be jealous. Someone had to be on my team! :) I guess if I was a bigger fan I would imagine he and Aaron were fighting over me. Although after seeing the movie I would prefer Jacob's strength....I can't believe I'm even blogging about this!! I do feel kind of bad that Max takes a direct hit from one of my snow balls!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Family Christmas Card

In the spirit of Christmas...and saving a buck, I am posting our family Christmas Card on the blog this year for the masses to view. And what's even that I am getting it out on time! :) Even a bit early! I am excited for Thanksgiving, but with 2 little kids already mesmerized by all the Christmas lights and decorations in the stores, namely Target, I am already in the Christmas spirit. We wish you all a Happy Holidays and a Wonderful new year!! We have loved this year and can't wait to see what next year brings! :)

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Move, Halloween and More!

Well, it's over due, but I found my camera so I can finally post some new pics! We moved on Halloween, so we're still getting settled in, but we loved our little house! The kids especially are loving the backyard and grass. See below:
I love this photo of them!
Although I wanted to put them in the same room, we had to keep them separated because Max is still not a good sleeper. :) Here is Max's new bedding...he now calls it his "car nigh-night".
Sadie's cute new bedding from my Mom. Finally pink and girly!!!
Halloween night...Max would not dress up, both kids were sick, and bathed and in bed at 7! So nice! We did got to Holly and Erik's for dinner and saw the kids all dressed up. So cute! Tyler had an AWESOME costume! He was a guy from Halo (I think Halo, or Call of Duty).
Our cute little Lady Bug!
Here is a pic of Max in his costume at my mom's ward Halloween party. He was a very cute cow, and very into the roll.

Our Lady Bug again. I had fun making her costume, although it was a bit big on her.
If these two aren't two peas in a pod..........

Not much has changed in 2 1/2 years.........okay, except my bedding.
The night before we went out of town for the U2 concert, we took the kids for a McDonald's milkshake and through the car wash...what an experience! Max was terrified and Sadie was just happy to have a milkshake.

Love this terrified look on that bad? He was so cute!

A few weeks ago Max spent a couple hours "cooking" after church.
A well balanced meal, by Max Keough. Thought you would love this Megan! :)
She is just such a fun little girl!! I love her to pieces...both of them actually!