Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cookie Monster

Earlier this week I introduced Sadie to Vanilla Wafers, and she is a BIG fan!! She gets so excited when I give her one and then she gums the life out of them! She really cries some pathetic tears if she drops her wafer, but they are gone the instant I hand it back to her. Max thinks it's pretty funny to watch her eat one, but then it usually dawns on him that he would like to eat it too, and now the whole sharing thing has become a slight issue. :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

William Matthew Halvorson

Tami told me it was up to me to post pictures of new baby William, so here they are! Also, Tami wanted to me to make sure to say his nose is not as prominent as these pictures make it seem. :) I only had the camera on my phone, so you don't get the best, or most accurate, shots with them. He is so adorable!! Personally, I think he looks like Samuel and Tami says he is a mixture of all of her kids. Tami looks great too!! Congrats Halvorson Family!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm sick of thinking of's just more pictures.

I made this dessert for Tami's Shower/Luncheon yesterday, and had to post it because I am really happy how it turned out and it is too easy to make!! It is mini cheescakes. You bake them in muffin tins and use a vanilla wafer as the crust. I think it took 5 minutes to put together, 15 minutes to bake, and then you just let it chill over night. We put raspberry jam on top and chocolate sauce. It was really good!! If anyone is giving a shower or needs an easy, pretty, tasty dessert, I highly recommend this one!! Side note, the china is my great grandmother's china. Kind of cool. And now we just wait a few more days for little William to come!! We're all so excited!
This was funny because the other night Aaron and I were just sitting at our computers and Max walks out with his helmet on and his little computer and sits next to us and starts typing on his computer. He was very serious too. Apparently he had some important work to get done.
I can't get enough of this chubby girl!! She loves to sit in her towel after a bath. This is the best towel ever also!! Thanks to Brooke! :)
And yes, Max loves to be in a towel too! He loves it when Aaron tucks it in around his waist. This photo caught him in the middle of a little dance.
Is it sad that this closet is my "happy place"? :) A few weeks ago, Tami had Max for the day and so I took the time to completely reorganize my hall closet and do my favorite thing....put things in bins and label them!! It's sick/sad, but sometimes I just walk by this closet and open the door and admire the order found within. Maybe it's because I live with this person below....
He is constantly reorganizing everything!!!!! Little story, yesterday at the luncheon at my mom's, Samuel and Max had come back from going to Taco Bell with Aaron and started to play in the toy room my mom has. I kept having this feeling that I should go check on them, but then thought, no, they are finally playing quietly, I don't want to stop that. Then, Samuel walks into the house!! That's right, walks in from the outside, when he's supposed to be in the room with Max...and that's when I sprinted outside!!! The window had been opened a crack( by me earlier and I forgot to close it, not thinking), and they pushed it open more, and then pushed out the screen and climbed out the window into the front yard. Max was running as fast as he could and when I caught up to him, he was already rounding the corner, on his way to a very busy and fast street behing my parent's house. Yesterday he was trying to climb our fence too and made it half way up...why is this kid always trying to escape!! Are the accommadations so bad? I mean, he pretty much lives like a king here!! And Aunt Megan, I hope this didn't cause you to have a heart attack! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tour of California!!

Today was a fun day in the small city of Clovis!! The Tour of California bike race finished a leg in Old Town Clovis. It was such a beautiful day that about 2 hours before it was supposed to come through Old Town, I decided to take the kids down. I went with my sister Katie, brother Tyler and my parents. It's kind of a funny story about how we got there, but not worth typing out. Let's just say A LOT of face paced walking was involved when it didn't need to be that way. Oh well!! I got my exercise in for the day! First it went through Clovis Avenue, and then turned into the town and swerved through some streets. We watched it on Clovis and then ran with about 100 people it felt like to a street just 2 streets behind were we were to see them pass again. It was pretty crazy! I was running with Sadie, in my little slip on boots with a small heel, just laughing. Max was in heaven though! We saw bikes, motorcycles, helicopters, police cars, dogs horses, you name it!! He was doing his NASCAR yell when the bikes went by. We literally stood right on the curb and they passed about 2 feet infront of us. Insane how they can go that fast all together. It was really exciting to see! And I know we saw Lance Armstrong in there somewhere, I just couldn't tell you who he was!!

Sadie had the most comfortable seat in the crowd!
I kept Max happy for the 45 minutes before they passed with lot's of snacks and drawing.
Katie and Tyler!! Tyler was so excited and giddy waiting for them.
Me and the kids. Please don't judge...I am still working on loosing my weight from these two kids. It doesn't fall off fast...although eating candy everyday doesn't help! :)

Max waiting for the bikes to pass. he kept running out in the street so then I had to put him in the stroller. As you can see he loves to wear his uncles gloves. The race.

Later on when we got home two police on horseback came riding through our apartment complex. That's when you know you live in Clovis!! :) Max was outside throwing rocks when they came by and the waved to him and he thought it was pretty cool!

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Day I Destroyed Max's Beautiful Head of Hair

I know the title of my post has lured you in...but you'll have to see a couple other photos before I get to the big story.

For starters, it's a little late coming, but none the less we must chronicle a very happy day in the Keough household...the day the Steeler's won the Super Bowl!!
We watched the Super Bowl with our friends Nicole and Eric and their son Trayce who is Max's buddy, and partner in crime.
So Miss Sadie is not taking to solid foods or bottles, but I force them on her still. She is getting better with foods...but her favorite thing to do is spit, even when she eats. It is SUCH a mess feeding her!
And when I'm preoccupied with her at dinner and Aaron is out of town, this is what Max ends up looking like after he eats because I have to let him feed himself. Both go directly into the bath!
Max finally likes being in a play pin.
I had to take it down because my idea of giving her a safe space away from Max was counter productive. With a play pin up they both ended up together in a smaller space where Max could cause maximum damage. This is his "I really want to sit on Sadie but know I shouldn't" look.
Those eyes are going to give her Daddy grief one day I think. So beautiful!
Always a finger in the mouth!
Gotta love the California sunsets, although a photo never does them justice.

So...Saturday morning I was cutting Max and Aaron's hair. Aaron's is pretty easy and I usually do a good job. I've only done Max's one other time, and it was pretty good and I was sure I would get even better with practice. But there will NEVER be a practice session again...because this time my hand slipped and, well, although we tried it was unrepairable. Aaron finally said, "I think we need to just buzz it all to fix it". I had tears in my eyes and handed him the clippers because I couldn't bear doing it. I have always loved how much hair Max has and the cute little part in it. Now we have the following...

Still cute though!! He looks older now. Aaron calls him is little monk now. If this cut doesn't make the two of them look more alike...:) Here they are playing Wii.

So at first I made him wear a hat all the time (this hat and his Morehead hat are his favorites). It's starting to grow on me though. I'm even contemplating letting it grow but keeping it buzzed longer...who knows. This for sure is a little too short. Sometimes he looks bald. I think it was just quite a shock to me because never in his life has he had hair so short. He was born with so much hair. Luckily it will have grown out by his 2nd birthday in April for his pictures! :) He's still so cute though. We went to the park today with all the cousins and family and he gets right in there playing football with the older boys and even tackles them to the ground sometimes!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Breathing Again!

I have to give a shout out to my aunt Holly for bringing me this little gem today...Neil Med Sinus Relief. It is actually something I can use while nursing since it is totally natural. And it was A-Mazing!!! I can finally breath again!!

Check it out here!!

It is something every family should have on hand for colds!

Thank you Holly! And thanks for bringing the Diet Coke too! :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Keough family week in review

Nothing too exciting happened this week. Both kids are pretty much healthy again, and so now I'm sick. Such is life. Here are some photos from the week.
Max will not ride his horse without a hat on. It's usually his football helmet, a fishing hat, or a blue basket he thinks is a hat.
I tried to get a shot of Sadie's eyelashes here. but it didn't really work. Her eyes and eyelashes kill me, they are so beautiful.

Sadie loves being in the bouncer lately, and Max thinks it is fun too. He sits on the outside of it and plays with her.
This is a classic Sadie look...fingers in the mouth

I love this shot because Max is such a Daddy's helper. He's always right by his side.

I made these cupcakes for a meeting my mom had. They tasted so good, so I had to pat myself on the back.
I made this cake for McKay's birthday. He requested a swimming pool cake. The water is blue jello. It's not the most asthetically pleasing, but it was a huge hit with a group of 12 year old boys!!