Monday, May 25, 2009

Farmer's Market, Aunt Rhonda's Visit and a few others

Hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day!!! We swam all day and are all exhausted, so this is a quick update before I head to bed!

I just think this photo is funny! We stopped by Best Buy Friday night and they had Transformers playing on a really big screen and Max could not pull himself away! It was hilarious!
We walked over to Farmer's Market the other night, a few blocks from us in Old Town Clovis and had so much fun! Max was thrilled that he got to ride a cow (pony). He woke up at 2:30 the next morning telling me about it again. :) He loved every minute of his little ride!
Although Aaron had to walk with him, he wanted to ride solo. Such a big boy!
Lindsay and Sadie sharing the wagon and a slushie. We met up with Holly and her kids, and Katie there.
Sadie played with this straw the entire time. I love that babies are so easy to entertain.
Riding over in the wagon. It was pretty hot that day, and still a bit warm when we walked over that evening, so I made sure they were loaded up with fluids!
Farmer's Market. Everyone is gathered here to listen to the bad. They were really fun!
I set this little water station up for Max one day he was having so much fun dumping water into different size containers and stirring them. It was quite for a while so I walked out and found this...
Max cooling off in the 5 gallon bucket of water. No more of this. Even in 5 gallons I worry about drowning.

Last weekend my Aunt Rhonda came and visited us while she was in town from Seattle. We had a lot of fun with her!! In this picture we were at Border's in the kids section and Max showed her books and played with them for about a half an hour! :)
Riding the helicopter when we were out with Aunt Rhonda.
I love these pajamas on them. Does Sadie look a bit tired or what?
Lately Sadie has discovered her tongue. She usually is sitting like this. :) She is crawling now too, and she holds on to every piece of furniture she can reach and holds herself up. I have a feeling she will be walking soon! Yikes!! Still not as busy as Max was at this age which is such a gift! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grocery Shopping

A few Saturdays back we all went to the grocery store near us to pick up a few things for Sunday. We weren't in a hurry, so we let Max push one of the little "grocery shopper in training" carts. He was in HEAVEN! He quickly figured out he could grab stuff and put it in his cart so we ended up with a few extra things...cheetos, candy bars, soda, etc. Here is a cute little video. Oh and translation- "shishy" is gold fish crackers.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Itsy Bitsy... Yellow Polka Bikini...

Don't be jealous of this body! :) Our little bikini babe!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Clovis Rodeo Parade and More

It's been a while since I've posted pics, so here are a few. Life has been pretty uneventful. Aaron got a new job at Yosemite Waters and he really loves it! It does require him to be downtown very early to start work, and since I don't want to wake up both kids that early to take him, I have been without a car everyday. I now realize how much I like to go somewhere everyday! :) Max gets a bit restless in our little place all day, but luckily he goes to Tami's and my mom's each one day a week, so that is fun! And they both also pick us up for the park and lunch, so I can't really complain! Here are a few pics of what we have been up to the past few weeks:
We live about a 10 minute walk from Old Town Clovis, so 2 Saturday's ago while Aaron was working at the church's vineyard, I walked the kids down to the Clovis Rodeo Parade. It was pretty fun! Max loved the cows (which are actually horses), the firetrucks and the corvette club( about 30 corvettes that drove by). Good times in Old Town Clovis! Now that I know what an easy walk it is I will probably walk to the Farmer's Market every Friday evening, since Aaron works long days in the summer, and he NEVER wants to go to the Farmer's Market with me! ;)

Watching the parade.
I love this double walking stroller/bike stroller. It was a cheap one at Target but is holding up great!

Ahhh! All tuckered out on the walk home.
My parents are planting a garden in their backyard in these planter boxes and we are helping out and get to plant some stuff in them.
Max loves to help out! But, I'm not going to lie, he's not so helpful! The whole time we were shoveling dirt into the boxes, he was shoveling it out!
The princess doesn't have to work, so she just relaxes in the shade!
Sadie LOVES LOVES LOVES this paino! She plays with it all day!
Such a happy girl!
I love this headband on her. :)
So...Max has been really playing with his stuffed animals, mostly all dogs, a lot lately. He likes to put them to bed and other things....but he apparently has picked up on how I put Sadie to this is Max nursing his dog before he puts him to bed. He does this often. :)
I stopped nursing Sadie last week though, so now Max is also into giving his dogs bottles.
Got milk?
This isn't the best shot because I took it with my computer while I was writing this post. It is the perfect example of why I like Baby Einstein DVD's. Totally captures their attention for a good couple of minutes.