Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back in the blogging world!

I know...I'm slacking on my blog!!! I have started working again and so I am slacking a little bit on everything! What's new....well let's see...Sadie is becoming crazy like Max but oh so cute, Max eats hot dogs 24/7 it feels like, Aaron has been working LONG days due to a contest at work and is in the lead for news in his region, I am working and now 2nd counselor in Primary, we're moving on Halloween to a house we'll be renting...and it's finally NOT 100 degrees outside!! :) That's probably the best news of all!! The heat broke last night and today has been windy and cool! So nice!! Welcome Fall!

Playing at the park..she looks so big here!
Yes, they had cookies for dinner...whole wheat though!
I love Sadie's reaction to swings...she gets the biggest smile!
This was Max preparing himself a hot dog at 6:00 am lone day last week. Cooked it, cut it, and got himself some honey mustard to dip it in. I'm so proud????????? ;)
I love this picture of Sadie. She loves her doll and hugs her so tight.
Two weekends ago my brother McKay fell off his bike and broke his tooth pretty bad. He was a champ though, and even let us post it on Facebook. :) That's what happens when you have older siblings I guess. They've been able to repair it, but it looks like he's going to need a root canal. Ouch!
Two weekends ago I was also able to volunteer at the Shawna Kilbert Cervical Cancer Fun Run. Shawna Kilbert was a friend of my Aunt Holly's who recently died of cervical cancer. This was a great event planned by her husband and friends, to raise awareness and money to support others suffering from this same cancer in the area.
I was in charge of the cotton candy stand. It took a few mishaps the night before to get it down, but now I am a cotton candy expert...and NEVER want to see the stuff again! :)
Tami and I decided last minute to participate in the 1k walk/run. We were actually still registering for it when the horn sounded to start the event. Luckily we didn't come in deadlast...we did pass the family with 4 little kids.
And we did it in flip flops no less.
So happy to get our medals...and cool shirts!
Later that day we went to Aaron's company picinic. Max was in love with the trucks they had there. It was fun to meet so many people that Aaron's works with! Lot's of really nice people!
Poor Sadie can never do anything without her constant shadow telling her no, pushing her, or just lovingly tackling her.
This was one tuckered out little boy after church the other day. After his hour nap he sat on Aaron's lap and fell right asleep. SO cute....and YES...he is ALWAYS in his underwear...and sometimes not even underwear...:) He hates clothes pretty much.
From Aaron'slap he rolled to the floor and slept another hour. Those who know Max know this NEVER happens! :)

Well, I better get to folding clothes before I head off to bed. I love the occassional quite night to myself (Aaron is sleeping with Max and Sadie is in bed).

I do want to add a little sad note...a good friend I knew in high school, Becca Dorfmier Leonard passed away today. It was pretty sudden. She is such a wonderful, strong person, and will be greatly missed. She died of acetaminophen poisining and acute liver failure. Someone that knew her also posted this article here and I wanted to share it because it was not something I knew much about but now understand it's really important to become informed on. Her husband and 3 children are in our prayers!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Katie's Mission Call Has Arrived!!!!

It has finally arrived!! It was a long wait with the 3 day weekend!!! Then, the mail usually comes at 2 pm and today it didn't come until after 5:30 pm!!! Poor Katie...it was nerve racking for her!! All the family and several of Katie's friends, including Megan on Skype in Chile, Katie's friend Jamie in Washington on Skype, and Aunt Jane in Sacramento on the phone, gathered to watch her open her call. And the call...Knoxville, Tennesse!!!!! She reports to the MTC on December 9th! She is so excited and as much as we will miss "T", we are so happy for her!!!

Here are a few photos I found online of Knoxville. Her mission also goes into Virginia and Kentucky a little bit.

This is a poster I made to track everyone's guesses. Aaron was the closest, guessing Jackson, Mississippi, so he won the Sonic Gift Card that Megan threw in. Thanks Megan! :)
"The Call"
Megan joining us from Chile via Skype.
Had to throw in this picture. She was the cutest guest of all!!! She always wants her baby doll.
Friends and cousins.
Family gathered.
Love the laptops! We had some very excited kids...and Katie too! :)
Opening the mission call.
This has brought back so many wonderful memories for me! Good times, hard times, growing, great companions and lifelong friends and lessons I'll never forget and often can't put into words. I am so excited for Katie and know she will be such a hard working missionary!!

Here's a little video of Katie opening her call for any who missed it that wanted to be there...or for those like me who just like to watch future missionaries first read their assignment. :)