Monday, June 16, 2008

Trying to take advantage of bed rest.... has been WAY too long since I updated our blog. I have been having some trouble with our wireless connection and uploading photos onto blogger, but I will try and do better about posting. First of all I have to update everyone on my week last week. On Saturday I developed a slight bladder infection (I was 26 weeks pregnant, so not really a big deal). On Sunday after waking up, I started to get really sick, and with no warning developed a tremendous pain in my right side. After trying to reach my OB and lying in pain, Aaron rushed me to the ER. Throughout the day I went through tests and a lot of pain, and then went into surgery at 11:30pm to have my appendix removed. My appendix was inflamed, but luckily it had not ruptured. It was a little nerve racking going under anesthesia and being pregnant, but I was able to receive a blessing and my nerves were calmed. I actually started to look forward to just getting knocked out and being out of pain! :) I stayed in the hospital another day and half so I could rest and have the baby monitored. Once I was home, I started to develop this terrible pain in my back on the right side, and over the next two days it became unbearable. I was once again in tremendous pain. I called the OB and was sent back to the hospital to labor and delivery. The next afternoon I had surgery to remove kidney stones that were too large for me to pass, and have a part placed in my bladder that had collapsed...that's how I explain medical issues. :) It was a overall a horrible week and terrible experience. I had several nurses tell me, "In the years I've worked as a nurse I've never seen a pregnant lady have 2 surgeries in one week!" It was a tough week, but I made it through because I have a wonderful, strong husband, an incredible caring and supportive family, near and far, I had comforting priesthood blessings, a great OB and wonderful nurses, doctors, and other medical staff. Oh, and a wonderful little button to push that gave me low doses of morphine! :) I am still having some contractions and am on medication and best rest to stop those, but I think Sadie is going to be a real strong girl because she went through a lot this week too, but she has to wait at least another 10 weeks to join us! :) Thank you to all my family and friends for their prayers and well wishes. It kept me uplifted!!

I just tried to upload photos and they wouldn't work, but I will try again tomorrow!!