Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday Week 2010

Well, it's been a fun and exhausting week!! Celebrating is really tiring! :) We had such a fun week celebrating birthdays. The following pictures are horribly out of order, but it's late and I'm so tired...sorry.

Max's birthday celebrations started with Monster Jam last Friday night. He was a boy in heaven. He was so excited all week leading up to it, and has talked about it non stop since! :)

The only picture I got with my birthday boy...he was too busy playing with presents to take pics.

By the time his birthday was over, he had a acquired quite a collection of monster trucks. Now, he didn't receive all of them for his birthday, but because he only has one interest and so many people that love him, his collection really has grown! :)
Opening presents from Ma and Pa Keough...he was SOO excited when the package arrived!

We had a little party the night before his actual birthday. With just my younger cousins and siblings, it was quite a party!

This little girl couldn't stop eating cake!

Sadie and Lindsey

Blowing out the candles on the car cakes. I did a very simple birthday cake this year, but it was a hit with the kids because they each got their own car cake and ice cream. No decorating required. It just goes to show you, kids are easy to please!! They were really cute car cakes though (thanks to my mother in law Joyce for buying the cake pan!! :) )

This is funny because I was trying to be a really sweet wife and put some candles on the cakes for Aaron's birthday...but he was actually turning 26, not 25. Opps....I didn't realize it until he was blowing out the candles and asked "Who's turning 25?" :)

For my birthday we went up to the mountains and Bass Lake. The kids had a lot of fun at the lake...and got super muddy!

All my big kids playing in the mud! Aaron is such a good sport!

This is Max's superman pose. :)

What I love about Sadie is that she can be the prettiest and the grossest thing at the same time. :)

No pictures of Aaron's birthday. :( He had to go to work, but luckily it was a training day for his new sales position at work, so it was a shorter day. We went out to dinner with friends and had a great time!

Thanks to all our friends and family for making each of our birthdays so special, and hanging in there with us throughout the week!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Max! did this little thing get so big already?! :) Tomorrow is Max's 3rd Birthday!! I know I've fallen behind in updating our blog, but I will update later this week after Birthday Week 2010 is over! :)