Friday, July 31, 2009

What We've Been Doing the Past Few Weeks...

Here's a little bit of what we've been up to the past few weeks! The major changes in our home lately are Max potty training (making slow progress) and Sadie walking (making fast progress). Next...We're ALL going to learn to sleep through the night!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few weeks ago when Megan was in town we went up to Shaver Lake for our annual summer Lake Day with all the fam. I LOVE Shaver Lake! It was nice this summer because I had a babysitter all day for the kids at home and I had a wonderful, relaxing day!

The Lake
Some of us on the boat

I really like this pic of my mom and Megan! I especially love my mom in this hat!
Megan is always the first to get in the water!
Chad and Samuel...I think next year I will finally bring Max. I think he'll be old enough to handle being on a boat without jumping overboard in a year! :)

For some reason McKay always likes to stand at the front of the boat. Funny kid!

Last week Melanie and her kids came to stay at our place for a few days! We had such a fun time and it was so great to spend so much time with Melanie!

All 5 kids in our kids room playing.
We braved the park one morning, although it was so hot at 9:00 am already that we only lasted a 1/2 hour...then went to an air conditioned McDonalds indoor play place!
Marley on the swing. She is so adorable....a princess as she would say!
Max and Sadie swinging.

Sleepy kids. Luckily Mel has a van that fits us all...and our combined 5 car seats!
What we really love is that the Jensens taught Max the joys of eating a cheeseburger!! Cheaper than chicken nuggets so I'm happy! :)
And Mel and Marley taught us the joys of painting Sadie's toenails! She's never without polished and pedicured toes now!
The next day we went to a play area near the movie theater in River Park and it was much cooler. On the downside a flying beetle was trying to dive bomb and kill us. :)
At the Pioneer Day celebration on Saturday Max was in heaven with Uncle Tyler's cowboy hat. I think we are going to have to get out little cowboy a hat of his own.

Here are just some random pics from around the house. It has been so hot, not a day under 100 for a few weeks now, so we get a bit restless indoors all day, but try and find stuff to do!

Max was on cloud nine when I let him eat some cookie dough of the mixer. He was so excited when I handed it to him!
Sadie is our little busy body lately. She gets into stuff more than Max now. She loves to play in our makeshift TV cabinet.
Daddy's not too happy when he sees the Wii like this though. All she has to do is bat her eye lashes at him though and it's fine!
Under the table is another great spot.
She's always walking now! Here's a little video below. She gets fast each day and goes even further now than in this video. It's fun to watch her!! (Oh, and she has bangs again...thanks to Aunt Jane for the great hair cut! Now she really looks like Boo from Monsters Inc. I will post a comparison soon!)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Last weekend my cousin Jennifer got married in the Sacramento Temple. It was a beautiful wedding and reception and she was a stunning bride! Jeffrey, her now husband, was handsome too of course!! It was a fun weekend with all my family...there were 40 plus of us there! I love weddings in our family because we always have a huge dance party, tons of great food for a couple days, and always the Diet Coke! :) Congrats to Jennifer and Jeffrey!! You're a beautiful couple!

McKay got this hat for the weekend and he looked pretty cool in it!
Anxiously waiting outside the temple.
Lindsay, Abby and Taylor. Such beautiful, sweet girls!!
Watch out Mel...Marley will be walking through those doors before you know it! :) She is such a doll!
So will my baby girl I guess. :) Although I can't even believe she's going to be one in a month. I'm not letting her get married until she's 80 or so.

Part of the group waiting for the bride and groom to come out of the temple.
Jennifer and Jeffrey Worthen!!!
Jennifer is so beautiful!!!
Marley was really checking out Jennifer's dress and flowers.
So cute!

I love the Sacramento Temple! I think it's one of the most beautiful temples I've ever been too! I mean, I love them all, but I really love this one! :)

Ahhh....Megan and Jennifer.
Marley Rose and Sadie Rose. I especially love this picture because I think we could sell it to Apple to use as an ad for iPhone.
Cute girls!
My mom (also known as Grandma these days) and Sadie.

Kristen Jane, Sadie Rose, Marley Rose and Melanie Jane. Love the name connections!!
The fam!
Jennifer was feeling a bit left out of the picture taking. :)
Matt and Tami and Family (minus Samuel...he and Max weren't invited to the wedding :) ).
Lindsay and Abby. Cute sisters!

The whole big family (only missing a few).
Melanie made this cake and I was thoroughly impressed!! Good job Mel!
Food tables. Everything was so pretty!
Love the dress!
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Worthen

The kids were warming up on the dance floor pretty early this time.
The Dees backyard looked gorgeous that night!! And the weather, especially in mid July, could not have been more perfect! It was almost like coastal weather, so nice and cool.
Gage came home from the hospital a few days earlier in the week. I am in love with his hair color! He is such a cutie and I am in awe of Meggy and Jeff and how wonderful and calm they are taking care of him! They inspire me to want to be a more patient and calm mother!!!
Jake and Emily's newest addition Libby. Gotta love those round cheeks!!
Cutting the cake.
DJ Matthew.
The couple's first dance.
Father and Daughter dance. They had some great moves!
So did these boys!!
Leaving for the honeymoon!