Monday, March 29, 2010


Spring is HERE!!! Hooray!! We've been enjoying gorgeous weather (although rain is in the forecast this week). Here are some things we've been enjoying with the warmer weather.

First off, it looks like snow (or popcorn, as I tell Max and Sadie) on the trees, but it really is beautiful blossoms. I love all the orchards around us, because this time of year they are breathtaking with all the blossoms.

We've been spending time on Saturdays working outside and cleaning things up around the house. This Saturday we were outside all day working, planting a garden and doing some serious pruning and mowing.

I've also decided Sadie has it best in our home. She is the only one that gets to sleep in every Saturday and enjoy a leisurely breakfast while we start working. But seriously, she's so cute, she deserves that beauty rest! :)

And all she needs is a bucket to keep her occupied and busy!

Um, yes, Max learned how to take care of business outside this weekend. Aaron told him what to do, but Max wouldn't go outside. About an hour later I found him like this. Aaron would like to clarify that never in his instructions did he say to completely strip down and then proceed to run around the back and front yard naked as Max did. :)The garden. We have two sides to plant on, on either side of our shed in the backyard. We just planted the first side this weekend. We planted two kinds of squash, green beans, peas, 2 kinds of tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, peppers and carrots. Next weekend we are going to plant corn, pumpkins, and watermelon. Hopefully out of all this, something will grow! :) I wanted to plant all organic, in preparation for the organic farm I want to own one day :), but Aaron was not as interested in that. He gave in and I picked out all organic seeds, but when there was no organic compost available, we ended up with regular stuff. :( It says it contains all organic materials, but in the little bit I have studied on organics, you can't trust that. Oh well....I'm still holding out for the organic farm. :)

It was so gorgeous Sunday, we drove up to Millerton Lake, about 20 min away, to take a little walk. The drive alone was so beautiful!

We stopped at the old court house at Millerton Lake for our walk, one of my favorite spots. Before my mission and post mission, I would drive up here when I needed to do some of my best thinking. :)

This is not just a "when I write on my blog, I make my life sound perfect" statements, but, really I love this picture because Aaron is such a wonderful father and this picture shows that! He is so sweet and caring with the kids! They are so lucky to have such an attentive and fun Dad! :)

Max could literally throw rocks in the water all day!

Sadie's struggle with rocks is that she would rather eat them than throw them. Yum!
No, they're not kissing, although it looks like it! This water fountain was one of the highlight's of the little trip for them. Really, all it takes to make kids happy is a water fountain! :)

Well, that's all for now! I am taking a few days off work this week and looking forward to being home all day!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back By Popular Demand!

Not blogging for a few weeks has been good for my self esteem...I have had several requests for a blog post and updates! Who am I kidding though, all anyone wants to see are Max and Sadie. :)

Here are a bunch of pics from the last month.

Lately Sadie is OBSESSED with purses...and shoes, sunglasses and anything pretty that you can accessorize with. She doesn't leave the house without her purse!
Yesterday I took her to Costco while Max and Aaron were at Monster Jam (photos of that event to come soon, once I download them from Aaron's phone) and the little stinker threw a huge fit about sitting in the cart. So I let her down, with her purse on her arm, and she walked the whole store with me, staying right next to me, and pointing at things she wanted in the cart. She is an experienced shopper at 18 months!!

Today was such a gorgeous day. After 2 weeks of rain it is nice to have the sun back again!
Sometimes playing is so exhausting.
It's hard to see, but Max loves finding worms....and bringing them to me so I can see. :)
This was one LONG rainy day! I think we ended up bringing out every toy, building a huge fort, and eating a ton of snacks.
More worms. One thing rain is good for, making worms easier to find.
With all the rain, we've been getting our garden turned up and ready for planting. Max and Dad we're having to have a little chat here about using shovels properly. I love how Max loves to work with Aaron and really pays attention to what he's teaching him. :)
Sadie's and her goatee. Can't keep dirt out of her mouth!
Sadie just carries these buckets all over the yard whenever she is outside. Our dog Riley, is good with the kids. He's a good dog, even though most of the time he gets on my nerves. He's also super hyper and crazy.
Showing Dad worms.
Max helped me one day, without me asking, by putting the clothes away. This is the toy box. :)
When Aaron's company changed, and they paid him his vacation, we took the kids on a little shopping trip to the Disney Store. Sadie loves Aristocats so we had been wanting to get her a cat from it for a while, and she was so excited when she saw one at the store! Max got his "shishy". Who needs Disney Land at this age when the Disney Store is exciting enough?!

Last Saturday Max and Aaron went on a road trip to Bass Pro Shop, a couple hours away. Here he is demonstrating how his new fishing pole works. They have some good fishing trips planned for the summer!
When we go to the park all Sadie wants to do is swing!
And all Max wants to do is climb this thing he can't climb down from. :)
This was a very exciting event....the city had a day where you could put stuff out on your curb that doesn't normally fit in a garbage can. The streets get pretty full on junk and to clean it all up it takes a garbage truck and huge tractor. The kids loved it!
This is why packages of cookies can't be left within reach of these two.....
...and why I can't talk on the phone with these two. A few minutes of distraction and this is how I find them, on my bed, watching TV and eating cookies. Partners in crime.