Thursday, April 23, 2009

Birthday Week 2009

Wow! What a busy week we just had!! 3 birthdays in 4 days, Megan visiting, non stop on the go. I am SO exhausted! Here are pictures from the week. The order of our birthdays is 18th-mine, 20th-Max, 21st- Aaron...but the pictures are not posted in that order. :) I didn't realize until I had posted most of the pics, so I just kept them like this. So we start with Aaron's birthday:
We went up to Shaver Lake so Aaron could do some fishing. My mom, Megan and the 3 boys came too.
Max was in HEAVEN with the dirt and water.

He caught a "shishy", as Max would say. It wasn't too big but big enough to keep and Max thought is was so cool so Aaron kept it.
This little guy was all tuckered out after playing all day and no nap. He was sound asleep 5 minutes into our drive.
Max's birthday!! 2 years old! We had a little party for him, and Aaron, and the park with all the family and 2 close friends. It was fun, but HOT! All during this week we have been experiencing 96 degree weather!
He loved his gift from us, a scooter! He has figured it out very quickly and now he has his own to ride with the kids at the park.
Opening gifts...he was so excited and had a cute reaction to each gift.
I tried all day to get a picture of him and this was the best one! I think it's cute though.
On a side note, I might arrange a marriage between these 2 one day. :)
Some of the fam.
Another cute shot.
Birthday cakes for my 2 guys! Max's cake had "Cars" cars on it and Aaron's had NASCAR cars.
He fell asleep on the couch before the park. Partying all day is exhausting!
Max the ham and Sadie the beauty!
So much love!
Aaron and I made this table for Max. It has roads and a landing strip. We had so much fun making together and Max loves it! So does Aaron...they play together so well. :)
Testing it out.
On Sunday we had no birthdays, but some family pictures with the kids on my side. We did them in Grandma and Grandpa Halvorson's backyard, and enjoyed some home made ice cream also! YUM!!
Aaron and I. :) Ahhh...
This little doll!
My 3 brothers, Tyler, Matt, and McKay.
The 6 kids!
The fam.
These two little buddies love to play with grandpa's trucks!
Goofy kids!
Sadie and I.
On my birthday we hung out with Megan, went on a bike ride, and then took a quick dive in the pool...well I didn't but everyone else did. It was hot outside but it ws the first hot day so the pool was still really cold.

This little dare devil is fearless!! Max was the first one in the water!
Max and Aaron trying out the race car they got with birthday money from Grandpa Powell. The love it! Aaron drives it and Max chases it. :)

We had a fun week!! Thanks to everyone for making it so special and thanks to Megan for the visit!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

It's hard work to get a picture of these two, but I was pleased with this one, although there is a lot of sun on Max's face. They both looked so cute in their Easter clothes!
Sadie is easy to get photos of because she sits so still and calm. She is really a little angel!
Finding their Easter baskets!! The Easter bunny from Sadie a toy to chew on and Max some Cars bubble bath and Madagascar 2 for all of us!
We hid 12 eggs around the family room and Max went on a little hunt this morning. We went on an Easter egg hunt at the park yesterday with all my family so Max really has this Easter egg hunt thing down.
Yesterday we hunter for plastic eggs with candy in them, so he wasn't quite sure what to make of the hard boiled eggs. :)
Aaron and I decorated the eggs Saturday night once the kids went to bed. It was actually pretty fun. Here are the "before" eggs...
And the "after" eggs. As you can see, we are lacking a bit of artistic talent in our family. :)
Max loves to play Wii Sports with Aaron. They play baseball and tennis and Max thinks he is actually hitting the balls.

Aaron and Max did some projects outside yesterday and Sadie watched. Max LOVES to be Aaron's special helper.
Cleaning off with the hose. Don't worry, after this picture, Max got Aaron soaked also!
So..I am a bit scatter brained...more so lately. I was going to Target the other day, got the kids in the car, suddenly remembered Max only had one shoe on, and so came back inside to get it. When I was unlocking the door, I noticed that my feet felt weird...and this picture above was why. I wish I could say occurances like this are rare...but they are the constant.

One of Max's favorite spots to play cars...between our couch and fireplace.
Both of the kids were so tired and cranky last Monday and at different times during the day, they each just crashed on a couch in the family room.
I made this cake last week for dinner after General Conference at my parents. It was from the blog on my sidebar called My Kitchen Cafe. It is the lemon cake. The cake itself was really good but the frosting was too much lemon. The blog author just loved it, so I might have done something wrong! The cake is good alone though, or maybe you could just add a little glaze to it. It is a great cake for the summer though!

Birthday Week 2009 begins this Saturday (well, I will probably start celebrating my own about Thursday or so). Stay tuned for pics!! I already have my cakes all planned out! :)

Friday, April 3, 2009


Isn't it crazy how these little gems can make everything right in the world?