Friday, July 25, 2008

Swim School Dropout

Today we had a friend ask us if Max could come to the swim school she works at and try out some new techniques on him and my two little cousins that they are working on for their mommy and me class.

Sam and Chad did great, lasting the whole class.

Max cried for his mom the whole time and in the end, failed, being brought out of the pool in the middle of the class. My little swim school dropout. Could this be a sign of the future?

Here he is looking dejected.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baby Jail

Baby Jail is by far one of my best ideas to date. Max would never stay happy in a play pen, as much as I tried to get him to like it. Because he is so busy, I could never take my eyes off him for a second or he'd be into something. One time he was out of my view for a few moments and I found him on my mom's dining room table hanging from the chandelier. I started to have to take him in the bathroom with me even, which I hate doing. Now that we kicked Uncle Matthew out of his room and by doing so got Max his own room to sleep in, he now also has a safe place to play in. We've "Max proofed" it as much as possible. We throw some toys out on the ground and each day he plays in there longer and longer. I really want him to be able to entertain himself for periods of time so when the baby comes I can nurse her without him always right there. He cried the first couple of times and wanted out, but is liking it more and more. I keep the door open with the gate in place and just peek in or listen from my room, so he doesn't see me and want out. Sometimes he has visitors because his uncles like to play in there too. Baby Jail has made our days together even more enjoyable!!! :)

Beating the heat!

Here are a few of Max's favorite things to do during the summer when it is 100+ degrees outside:

Play video games. He loves Wii, but also enjoys XBox, playstation and games like these above.

Swimming of course. Don't be too jealous of Max's summer Aunt Megan. :)

Catching a free movie on Wednesday mornings and enjoying some popcorn with Sam.

And it's not a summer without a refreshing beverage. Like father, like son.


This box and cape entertained him for the longest time last Saturday morning. He was very serious about his mission to push it around the house. This video is a little example...

Friday, July 4, 2008

Current Favorite Miniseries

Aaron got the HBO miniseries "John Adams" from my parents for Father's Day and over the last several evening we have watched most of the 7 episodes. It is AMAZING!! One of the most interesting and most informative miniseries I have ever watched (minus the Lifetime Original movies of course, Megan :) )!! I have learned so much and really enjoyed the story between John Adams and his wife, Abigail. She is fascinating to me and I am going to the library to check out a biography they have on her tomorrow. If you have a chance, rent, or buy this one and watch it!! It will be time well spent and a great addition to a family's video library. My teenage brother is really enjoying it too and he and my Dad have had some great political and patriotic discussions, as well as Aaron and I. Enjoy!! And Happy 4th of July, my favorite holiday!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sacramento Family Visit!

This week my Aunt Jane and her 3 boys, and my cousin Melanie and her 2 boys and 1 girl came down to visit for 3 days. We had so much fun!! Every activity involved 15 kids under the age 11, with 11 of those being boys!! It is was fun though, I promise! :) All the kids love to be together and look forward to having our Sacramento Family down to visit!! Thanks for making the trip you guys!

The first day we went to the Zoo. For someone who hates the zoo I have been there an alarming number of times this year!!

15 kids.

11 boys.

Marley and Max...aka Beauty and the Beast. :)

I feel like Marley is looking at me like," Who in the world are you?" I love her!!!

New Pictures Finally!!

So I FINALLY got pictures to upload onto blogger!! Hooray!! Here are some shots over the past few months!

This was Father's Day/The Day Mom Finally Came Home From the Hospital! Both were very special celebrations! My mom made ribs for dinner and as you can clearly see, Max LOVED them!! Aaron would eat most of the meat off the bones, but save a fair amount for Max, who then cleaned them to the bone. It made Aaron so proud! :) At one point after I took this picture, Max had 3 bones in one hand and 2 in another. This kid loves to eat!!

Wiping the sweat from his brow.

Coming in after a long day of working with Dad.

Max loves to play video games. He thinks he knows what he's doing too.

He especially loves to play Wii Shooting or NASCAR 09 for Playstation 2 with his Dad. Max has even scored 30 points before on the shooting games. How, we can't figure out.

Longing to be outside.

There was a shaving cream can he was trying to reach at the very back. This is how our mornings begin, in some form or another. He loves to explore!

This backpack was Aaron's Father's Day present. Both Aaron and Max love it. Here Max is just chillin' and watching the band at Farmer's Market.