Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just another week at the Keough house

Well...I didn't get the flu last weekend!! Hooray!! I had the flu the previous 2 weekends and it wiped me out! Thankfully I have a great sister and mom that live nearby and a wonderful husband who took care of everything at home. Aaron had the flu also during the week, but luckily Max and Sadie didn't catch it. Saturday was GORGEOUS and Aaron and I took Max on a bike ride (my mom watched Sadie). It was so much fun and we took trails I had never before been on around Clovis. I am really loving our bikes and can't wait until Sadie is big enough to sit in the trailer with Max. He gets a little bored sometimes back there and could use a friend! Other than that, nothing exciting to report...except that I am really sad about Gottschalks closing.

This is a typical morning shot from our house. Max takes off his shirt and a couch cushion and wants Sadie to sit next to him and they watch Cars for a few minutes together.
This was so cute (picture below). I was in making breakfast yesterday morning, and I when I came out Max had Sadie's 2 dolls, and had brought out 2 diapers and was trying to put them on the dolls. So precious!! I think it's great for boys to play with dolls!

Aaron and I started Weight Watchers Monday to get ready for the summer and our trip to Myrtle Beach. Sunday night Aaron wanted to go out with a bang so he made this massive plate of spaghetti, his favorite meal!
My mom got Sadie this outfit and it was so cute on her!! I love little sleeveless summer rompers.

I love this outfit on her too!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Max and Sadie "to a T"

This video describes Max and Sadie's personalities and energy levels better than anything else ever could! And what my days are like...complete with "Cars" playing in the background! :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Madera Speedway

Last Saturday I got the flu and was out of commission, so I went to my mom's house so she could nurse me back to health. :) It was very nice, I got to just sleep it off all day and she and Katie took care of Sadie. Aaron and Max spent the day together and went to Madera Speedway, to watch the race cars practice, for free which is even better. For those who don't know...BOTH my guys are obsessed with cars!! :) Between NASCAR Saturday's and Sunday's, the NASCAR game for Wii, "Cars" the movie, playing cars all day, both of their growing collections of cars, and now, having to kiss Max's cars to sleep at night (yes, I give in and do it for him), I can't escape!! :) They had a fun time at Madera Speedway and max enjoyed the loud noises, and ran around the bleachers yelling, "Cars, Cars, Cars, Cars, etc" the whole time!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekly Update

Nothing too exciting to report this week. Sadie has been sick and has gotten herself on this weird sleeping schedule, but I can't complaing because she's been sleeping from 10pm to 9am the last couple nights. Still working on Max and making a little bit of progress. I took Sadie to get her 6 month pictures taken and she was too cute!! A little model! I didn't buy the online access, so I will scan them when I pick them up in a few weeks. Here are some other pics though...
This is Max and Sadie's room, with Max's new Big Boy Bed. There is an another dresser but I couldn't get it in the shot. We inherited the dresser shown and the toy chest and they happened to match our crib and dresser perfectly. Thanks to my mom for buying the cute bedding for Max's bed! It's a fun kids room!

Since Sadie has been up until 10 pm, Aaron and I have had some fun time with just her, without her big brother around. :) She likes to watch TV with us.
This is what happens when I get behind in folding clothes. I can only get them folded at night's because during the day if I do it, Max is right there to mess them all up. But I work most nights, so sometimes I do get behind in the folding...shhh...don't tell my mom!! :) Aaron was a bit overwhelmed with how much we had to fold tonight. I usually do it alone, but I made him be my assistant tonight.
Thanks to Uncle Sam we were able to get new bikes!! We just got some cheap ones from Target, but we are really excited about them! And then as an early birthday gift for Aaron, myself and Max, my parents got us a bike trailer. Sadie is still too small for it, but in a few months they will be able to sit back there together. Max loves it and Aaron and I really enjoy riding. We're hoping it will help get us in shape before we go to Myrtle Beach this summer!!

Max is really into dressing up in things lately. He loves this hat, a scrarf around his waist and my purse. I love it when they start to dress up and pretend like this.
On nice days, Sadie LOVES sitting outside in her bouncer watching Max play. He usually can't leave her alone though!
He seriously can't leave her alone!

He spends a lot of time coloring in his high chair! This time he was especially messy because I gave him some crackers also and kept him there for almost 2 hours while I cleaned one morning and he watched PBS.
This was so cute to me. This was the first time I really noticed him pretending while playing. He played like this for almost 2 hours outside.
Max is a huge fan of cars and Aaron has spent a lot of time teaching him to say "Ka-chow" like Lightining McQueen. He finally caught on and we think it's pretty cute!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Big Boy

Well Max did it...he gave up the "baa" (pacifier). He has only asked for it a few times, but when I remind him that we threw them away, he gets over it. We had a ceremony where I cut off the tip pf the pacifiers in front of him, he tried to suck on them and realized they were broken and then I told him to throw them away. He loves to throw stuff away and take the trash to the dumpster. So he then carried the bag to the dumpster. Next, we are working on sleeping through the night!! If anyone has tips on keeping a 2 year old in bed, please share!!

Since the last posting was dedicated to Sadie, this one will be just some pictures of Max. I do have more photos to put up of all of us and will put those up later this week. I can't believe this little guy is going to be 2 next month!

He loves to listen to an ipod.

We went to Pump It Up one day for their free toddler play..which actually isn't free. It was worth it though! Max bounced for an hour and half on inflatable toys and then took a 2 hour nap! :) We had fun...I had to play with him. It was exhausting!

We let him eat some icecream out of the container one night, and he thought it was the best thing ever!