Sunday, August 15, 2010


Another month has flown by! This summer really has gone by fast (and slow at the days when it's over 100 degrees for several days in a row and we have to AC :)). We've been swimming A LOT! Both of the kids have great tans, Max can swim all over the pool by himself, and Sadie has no fear of the water and just goes right off the edge and steps with no care as to if someone will be there to catch her. Next year she will also be getting swimming lessons for sure!

So here is the month of July wrap up...

4th of July
4th of July is still my favorite holiday! I'll admit I'm always a little bummed when it falls on a Sunday, but we still had a great day this year. It started with church followed by a small BBQ at home after naps.
Then we went to my parents where we also celebrated Samuel's 4th birthday. I LOVE these cupcakes Tami made based on the aliens from Toy Story! So cute!!

I could take pictures of this little girl all day! She is so cute! I love getting her ready for church. She is being more cooperative these days when it comes to doing her hair, and she loves to dress up in dresses, and especially loves a great pair of shoes.

Best Buddies- Max and Sam

Having a little lesson in Firework Safety.

Sadie was not a huge fan of fireworks at first. But her reactions were great!

Family Campout
So excited to leave!! If only we knew...this would be the camping trip from Hell. Literally, because it was humid and in the high 90's. It felt like we were in hell. It was MISERABLY HOT, thick with mosquitos...oh and the cute little girl in the picture above, well an hour into the trip she vommited twice. Nice. We were camping this year at a new place and the curves to get there were horrible, it took forever, and again, was miserably hot and no breezes came through the campground. I think it's safe to say we will never go there again, and will stick to Shaver.

The saving grace of our 3 day camp trip was a wonderful little river nearby that we had a blast playing in Friday night and all day Saturday. I wish I could have just slept in the river and never left to go back to the campground.

Sadie didn't love the river as much as the fact that I was so hot and exhausted that I didn't stop her from drinking my soda. This girl loves her DC. What can I say, she's a product of her parents!
At one point we looked and Max and Sam were taking off in the boat. These two are always trying to escape together, out windows, on boats, etc. :)

William pretty much had the same idea as just eat everything in site all day. He's so cute!

I was trying to get Sadie to take a little nap with me. I think we both did get a few minutes of sleep.

Love my Max!!

We didn't have room to pack Aaron's fishing poles which was a bummer because they had just stocked the river, but he did catch one by hand! We were all super impressed! Bear Giles, watch out!

This is why I brave it in the outdoors, dirt and heat. The kids loved camping and these boys were in the natural element.

So sleepy!

So remember how I mentioned Sadie threw up twice on the way up? Well, I washed her carseat out and left it out to dry and during the night an animal took off with the straps to the carseat. Awesome. SO we had to drive home with Max buckled in the middle and Sadie in his carseat (since she's smaller). Both my uncles in the CHP said they totally would have bought my story had they pulled me over. :) I did make Sadie hold a bucket on the way home, which she subsequently wore on her head most of the way down.

Sacramento/Lake Tahoe

The last weekend in July we went to visit my cousin Melanie and her family in Sacramento while Aaron worked all that week at the State Fair, also in Sacramento. The first day there we drove a couple hours north to Lake Tahoe. It totally lived up to everything I've ever heard about it!! It was absolutely gorgeous! I was shocked at how clear and blue the water was. I hope to go up many more times and check out the area and lake some more!

Day two we went and visited Aaron at the State Fair. The company he works for, Alhambra, had a couple booths there. He got us free tickets which was great!! And the kids were so happy to see Dad!
There was an amazing dinosaur exhibit which Max was terrified of, although he played it off nicely by playing Sadie's protector.

The Jensens (minus Marley)

Sadie and's a love/hate relationship. I hope as the grow (and Sadie hopefully becomes nicer) that they will be close!!

Some cool animals in the rainforest exhibit

Awesome BMX bike show. It was hot, but we had great seats!

All the kids got to milk a cow too, and they loved it! Later that night Max told me, "Mom, that cow had two wee's and milk came out of them!" We've since explained that they are udders, but it was funny!

We had a fun month and are laying low this month, enjoying the last days of summer...and looking forward to Sadie turning 2 in a couple weeks. Stayed tuned for photos.....