Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Helping in the Kitchen

Max is such a busy boy that we have had to put up several gates to keep him out of restricted areas...one of those areas being the kitchen! He loves everything about the kitchen! At Grandma McLelland's house he has a favorite cupboard that ceramic mugs are kept in, and if he gets to it before we catch him, he just pulls one out, looks at it, and then tosses it over his shoulder shattering it. This has happened several times, so now all Grandma's cupboards have locks on them. Sometimes I get feeling a little generous and put the gate down and allow him into the kitchen while I cook dinner. We have really deep cupboards, and well, basically they have become like tunnels to Max, after he pulls everything out first. The first time it happened I heard him crying but panicked when I couldn't see him, then realized the sounds was coming from deep inside the cupboard. See below (after I rescued him and he started finding his way out)!

Monday, February 11, 2008

A Day At The Zoo!

Today we went to the Zoo! It was Max and Aaron's first time at the Fresno Zoo. For those who know me, you know I am not a fan of animals, and especially zoo's, but I go because I love Aaron! :) I look at them and I just want to bath them all and freshen them up!! When my cousin Taylor asked me today what my favorite kind of animal was, my response was "stuffed"! I have to admit, some of them are kind of cute....but all I can think about is jumping in the cages and giving them a good scrub, trim and spritz of fruity body spray!! It was fun though! It was a gorgeous day and not to smelly!

Our little Family posing near some kind of animal

He's one of the boys! Max, Tyler, McKay, Bradley, and Josh (missing from photo are Taylor and Samuel)

Matching shades!

I love Max's smile in this one!

Max was EXHAUSTED after the day!! He crashed in the car!

This photo was taken on Ground Hog's Day. Grandma Keough sent Max this shirt! So cute! I love how his gut fills it out so nicely!!