Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Festivities

Last week we visited a really cool pumpkin patch with Max's old preschool class. It was so much fun, complete with corn to walk through, hay rides, a forrest, bridge and castle with a tunnel to climb in. The kids had so much fun!!

Checking things out together before we went into the cornfields.
Sadie was so excited to be in a princess castle. I literally had to pull her out kicking and screaming.
Max was in a playhouse next to the castle and just think this pic turned out cute of him. :)
Fun tunnel.
Max was a little curious about this pumpkin guy. Sadie just kicked him.
Sadie and I on the hayride.
Max was pretty curious about everything on the hayride.
It was so gorgeous all around the property.

Not happy that all the pumpkins were medium size. He was hoping for a really, really big one!
Sadie was too tired to care.

A couple days later I decided to do something I had vowed never to do with kids....decorate sugar cookies!
What I love about Sadie's cookies above are all the finger marks you can see in her frosting where she wiped the frosting off and then ate it. :)
And what I love about Max's were the monster's he made with the pretzels I was snacking on to combat my ongoing morning sickness and that several cookies have bites already taken out of them.

Max is really excited about Halloween! Everyday he asks Aaron and I what we are dressing up as. I told him mommies don't have to dress up but daddy will. :)


Melanie said...

That pumpkin patch looks awesome. So much fun. And you're such a good mom for letting them decorate cookies. Funny you swore you'd never do it.

Ellen said...

Yes Daddy needs to dress up for Halloween. I think that's a rule actually... :). Can't wait to see pics of the kids in Halloween costumes!!!