Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It was fun getting ready for Halloween this year because the kids, especially Max, actually understood what was going on and there were no tears when it came to wearing a costume, like previous years. :)

Batman and a Princess

We had a great ward Halloween Party and trunk or treat. Sadie was obsessed with this girl in our ward that dressed up as Barbie. Sadie thought she was a real Barbie and the girl was so sweet and hugged Sadie and talked to her for a while. Sadie was in heaven!
Max had fun with some games and Sadie cheered him on.
Trunk or treating. They were so good and polite. As always Max was cautious about going car to car, which I love about him, and Sadie just dropped her bucket in front of each person waiting for candy, running from car to car, and seriously going crazy from all the candy...which I love about her too!
Sampling some of their loot.
This year I opted to paint pumpkins with the kids rather than carve. I thought it would be more fun for them, rather than watching me do most of the work. They loved it. It was the first time we had finger painted and I think I would actually do it again, because they loved it and actually stayed really clean and didn't paint any furniture or walls. :)

Although as I washed Max's hands, Sadie took some liberties with her paint. :)


Melanie said...

Hahahah, oh Sadie. She's a riot. Loved the costumes!

Amanda and McKay said...

They are so cute! Hooray for costumes without tears! :)

Erin Gibbons said...

That video of Sadie was SO adorable when she was like "umm...yes." Sounds like a great Halloween!